Runnin' With It manages top-to-bottom marketing plans for film releases and distribution companies. This includes marketing, advertising, driving sales, and organic account management.


A cult classic from the '80s, the movie "Rad" was recently re-released in 4K. We were brought on to build excitement around the film, tap into the fan base, build brand pages for the film, and market and advertise the film. In 3 months, the film's fan pages had 15,000 engaged followers, over 1 million views on the trailer on Facebook and Instagram, debuted at #8 on AppleTV's "Top Movies" chart, and was trending on Prime Video.

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If it weren't for Suzi Quatro, classic rock music would look a lot different. That was the message we wanted to get out into the world before the release of the music documentary "Suzi Q." By tapping into key demos and verticals, we were able to build organic excitement and awareness around the new documentary and the classic rock legend in 2020. Through further strategic ads, interest targeting, and retargeting, the documentary debuted at #2 on AppleTV's "Music Doc Charts" only behind Disney's "Hamilton."


The documentary "Fiddlin'" was released nationwide in 2019 in independent theaters. Through carefully constructed geo-targeted ads specific to each region of the United States, we were able to help turn out record-sized audiences, and bring "Fiddlin'" to audiences everywhere. With the help of our marketing expertise, the documentary was also shortlisted for the Academy Awards.

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