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How We Got Our Name

I remember when this song came out! I must have listened 25X in a row 😂 No cappuccino ☕️ But yea, this is the song where I got the name of my agency from — If you ain’t Runnin With It — but this was before I was working with @youngmoney. It inspired me to start taking music journalism and marketing seriously. By starting my own blog and company I learned the ins and outs of everything digital. Fast forward 10 years — I have worked on and marketed #ThaCarterV (#1 album / 2nd biggest streaming week ever), #Pinkprink, #Funeral, #Queen, #Views, #WATTBA, IANAHAB2, NWTS, Dedication 6, and countless mixtapes, singles, remixes, and tours. Not to mention 7 years of work on the #CashMoney side too. Crazy to look back at that! You can do anything if you’re committed, even working with the GOATs 🐐

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